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 Kristina & Danny

From Cinematic Storytelling to a Fun, Luxurious, and Modern Artistic Flair, I’m Here to Capture Your Own Personal Feature Wedding Film.

     Hey you two! Thank you again for meeting with me on the discovery call and sharing about everything that is important to you for the wedding day. I said this last night and ill say it again, it means a lot that you two reached out. I'm SUPER excited for your big day and everything that it will bring for you two. Congrats again on booking at the stunning Gem Mansion! I've put together some AMAZING options for you that will bring you're amazing vision to life and captured to enjoy and relive for many years to come.

here's what you shared about your day...

  • You two are looking to have natural, candid moments captured throughout the day

  • You are having a simple wedding with your family and friends and how important it is to capture all of those in between moments that you won't get to see along with the rest of the wedding day formalities.

  • When it comes to your portraits you would like a balance of walking, being natural, and sweet rated G moments.

  • Capturing those amazing first looks with your girls and Dad, I think will definently be appreciated by them and create some beautiful moments.

  • Your wedding will be lots of fun and you want your film to reflect that but don't leave out some snippets of the emotional-sentimental ones, especially with Danny boy letting that one tear come down his face as he sees you walking down the aisle.

  • Let's not forget about Bo walking down the aisle and stealing the show.

  • Aerial footage from multiple times of the day, from capturing the essence of your beautiful venue to capturing some ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. Showcasing the venue well into the night.

  • Capturing those 1st dance moments between you two and your parents. Capturing the toasts, which hopefully won't be too much roasting.

  • You fell in love with Danny & Ericas film as well as Amanda & Rudy, and your film will definently exceed those.

  • Lets not forget about the amazing photo/video spots throughout the property that will elevate the quality of your photos plus film.

  • HORA LOCA and all of the cuban vibe essentials. Being sure to capture all the fun in a way that you two look back when you receive your film and you feel like you're right back in the middle of it all.

  • Details, details, details. Putting so much intention into your details from the wood tables and all the beautiful timeless decor, candle lit setting and everything else that will form a part of that.

  • Lastly, that POOL JUMP could very well be the perfect ending to your film. Just saying. 

In the end, you want someone who has your back 100% and understands your desire for a wedding film that shows all your favorite parts of that carefully crafted day. 


The purpose and reason for my name, Vowed on Film, is so my couples realize how precious and serious I view getting to do this for you. I want you to have a no-stress, beautiful wedding day with your significant other, friends and family.

before and on that day, i can vow that you will…

  • Be entirely confident in my ability to guide you through this process.

  • Feel completely comfortable with me and my camera, so you can have fun! 

  • End up with a stunning, complete and everything-you-wanted wedding film.



It’s a highlight reel, but better.



3-5 minute Highlight Film

2-4 Filmmakers/Photog.

10 hours of coverage (Full Day) 

Story Session

Aerial Coverage (Weather & Venue permitting)

Multi-Angle Coverage

Usb delivery & digital delivery




10 hours of wedding coverage​

Complimentary Engagement session

All photos edited and sent via online gallery link



We’ll discuss beforehand what parts of your day are most precious to you, and you’ll end up with a film covering all those crucial moments. This is for those who want those great festivities captured, but are okay with some undocumented moments. 

Completely Vowed

The “Just Right” of Wedding Films.

(Most Popular)


5-7 minute Short Film

2-4 Filmmakers/Photog

10 hours of coverage (Full Day)

Story Session

Aerial Coverage (Weather and Venue permitting )

Multi-Angle Coverage

1 minute social media teaser 

USB & digital delivery gift box



10 hours of wedding day coverage​

Complimentary Engagement session

All photos edited and sent via online gallery link

USB delivery of the original photos and edited photos



What you always expected your wedding film to be. A dreamy, real and beautiful film showing the best parts of your day, and some of those little moments that are too precious to miss. Choose this one if you want that whole, well cataloged video that puts you right back in that day.

Write Your Vows

The Completely Vowed Collection

You Know What They Call Wedding Films Like This?


7-10 minute Feature Film

2-4 Filmmakers/Photog

10 hours of coverage (Full Day)

Story Session

Aerial Coverage ( Weather and Venue permitting)

Multi-Angle Coverage

Full Ceremony Edit

Full Toasts Edit

Doc "FOMO' Edit

Welcome Party Coverage/Dinner

1-2 minute social media teaser

USB + Motion Book + Digital delivery gift box


10 hours of wedding day coverage​

Complimentary Engagement session

All photos edited and sent via online gallery link

USB delivery of the original photos and edited photos

Wedding Album


There’s no FOMO in this collection. This is what you always dreamed you’d be able to have after your wedding. Relive everything from that first moment when your bridal party arrives to the last moment before the doors of your getaway car close. Don’t miss anything with this full documentary of your wedding day.

Anything over 100 miles from Vero Beach, Florida I typically will apply a travel fee to that. Oh and travel is already applied to your total amount.  Don't worry, I did my research and I already found the most affordable options that will fit us both. 

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  I.Our first date 

Let’s get to know each other! The first step is to schedule a no-commitment zoom meeting, see how we vibe, and confirm what you're looking for.

II. Make it Official

 Let me know what package you’d like or let’s talk about a custom contract. Give me your autograph, pay your deposit, and let’s commit! 

III.Getting Serious

Bring me into your world! Sort of like a test run - we’ll travel to places meaningful to you and shoot what I call a “story session” with you and your fiance.

IV. Let’s Prep

Let’s Prep - Timelines are my best friend. We meet 6 months (rough draft), 3 months (polishing up) and one month (final timeline) before to find out exactly what your day will look like.

V.Wedding Day

Your work is over, I’m prepared. Time for a stress-free best day ever! I’ll get there 30 minutes before and make sure everything goes according to plan. 

VI.The Honeymoon

Honeymoon - Before you know it your teaser video will be in your inbox (3-4 weeks after). While you adjust to being Mr. and Mrs. - I’ll be carefully and intentionally putting together your most special memories, with a final delivery between 16-24 weeks.

the vow process

"Alex was such a dream to work with! From start to finish made the wedding/videography experience so easy and fun! His outgoing, comedic, and fun personality made my husband and I so comfortable throughout the entire shoot time. As people who don’t like to be in the spotlight, that was huge! To feel so comfortable and have so much fun on our big day was so special. Additionally, Alex went out of his way to make a trailer of our wedding video for our friends and family who couldn’t make it to our wedding due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was so wonderful to get to share a glimpse of the big day with them, brought tears to their eyes! Alex truly captured everything that I wanted, from all the beautiful shots of the romantic venue, to capturing our quirky personalities and making such a beautiful film of it. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent Alex! "

 – Sophia & Robert


- how to book your vow -



Package choice

Contract and deposit

Locked in

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