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The wedding video of your dreams, one moment at a time.

Hey Caroline & Ethan!

Just wanted to say what a great talk I had with you and your mom, learning about you, Ethan and your super eventful wedding at The Ray & Church! These are some of the moments/details you shared with me that are important for the both of you and what you feel you two are looking for.

I. Capturing all the emotion and fun during the getting ready with the girls and of course your BFF, Mom.

II. Those stunning Aerial shots of the Ray and its surroundings.

III. Down the aisle footage & back shot of you walking to showcase your stunning dress.

IV. The awesome footage of what I like to call "The Taylor & Thomas spin."

V. Last but not least, Ethans reaction to seeing you walk down aisle and capturing that solo tear drop down in face.


I created some great options I feel would be great fits for your needs. Super excited to share them with you.


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, your wedding is more than a beautiful compilation of photographs. It’s a living, breathing, perfectly imperfect collection of precious moments in time. I truly think of the opportunity to capture your wedding on film as precious. Your experience with Vowed on Film will reflect nothing less.

Vowed on Film gives personalized attention, an editorial film style, and lot’s of ways to keep you relaxed and laughing. This isn’t my first wedding-rodeo. I’m here to make your video, but I’m also here as your advocate. It’s all about you - and I’m your biggest fan. Let’s do this thing!




- Steven + Allison

I could not be more HAPPY with the way my wedding video turned out! The video brought TEARS to my eyes. HIGHLY RECOMMEND, you will NOT regret

The FittingPromise


6 hrs of Coverage 

1 Filmmaker

1 Camera Angle

3-4 min Highlight film

1 minute teaser film

Story Session

Drone footage (weather & Venue permitting)



The Story Suite


6 hrs of Coverage

2  filmmakers 

2 Camera angles

4-5 min Highlight Film

1-2 minute Teaser Film

Story Session

Drone Footage (weather & venue permitting)



The Vowed Collection

6 hrs of Coverage 

2 Filmmakers 

Multi-Camera angle

5-6 min Highlight Film 

2 minute Teaser Film

Story session

Drone footage (weather & venue permitting)



You already know - I’m not in the business of ordinary wedding videos. Each couple has their own story to tell and each venue is unique, so we offer custom quotes to fit your perfect day.


the vow process

02. Make it Official

 Let me know what package you’d like or let’s talk about a custom contract. Give me your autograph, pay your deposit, and let’s commit! 

03. Getting Serious

Bring me into your world! Sort of like a test run - we’ll travel to places meaningful to you and shoot what I call a “story session” with you and your fiance.

04. Let’s Prep

Let’s Prep - Timelines are my best friend. We meet 6 months (rough draft), 3 months (polishing up) and one month (final timeline) before to find out exactly what your day will look like.

05.Wedding Day

Your work is over, I’m prepared. Time for a stress-free best day ever! I’ll get there 30 minutes before and make sure everything goes according to plan. 

06.The Honeymoon

Honeymoon - Before you know it your teaser video will be in your inbox (3-4 weeks after). While you adjust to being Mr. and Mrs. - I’ll be carefully and intentionally putting together your most special memories, with a final delivery between 16-24 weeks.

investment guide

Let’s get to know each other! The first step is to schedule a no-commitment zoom meeting, see how we vibe, and confirm what you're looking for.

01. Our first date 

Anything over 100 miles from Vero Beach, Florida I typically will apply a travel fee to that. Oh and your travel is already applied to your package!  Don't worry I did my research and I already found the most affordable options that will fit us both. 

- how to book your vow -



Package choice

Contract and deposit

Locked in

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