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David & Michele

November 10th, 2024

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get the film your clients have always dreamt of.

Nothing can feel more luxurious than having every detail relived. The big moments are always priority, but it’s the kiss on the cheek as the father gives away his daughter, or the groom reaching for his new beloved wives hand after a toast from his father that I watch. Nothing will ever go unnoticed because it’s in the little moments that we create some of the best memories.  Based in Florida, Vowed on Film is available to travel. We work with Wedding Planners from the West to the East coast. Our services extend to where ever our clients need us, we’ve filmed in Italy, Canada, Mexico and many more countries. Love is never to far. 


This collection includes:

5 hours of wedding day coverage

1 Cinematographers

3-5 minute film

Online gallery of films



This collection includes:

5 hours of wedding day coverage

2 Cinematographers

5-7 minute film

Online gallery of films


creating the perfect film for their story 

The one person your couple will spend the most time with beside you is me.  Many of my clients have started out as video call to best friends. They love that a moment is never missed, the feel of their day is perfectly filmed and presented to them in a timeless, classy video they can’t stop watching.


scroll though our vows.

our process

 After our call and discussing terms with the Bride and Groom about their wedding, I will develop three packages to choose from. Once decided we can secure the deposit, and lock in the date. 

 Before the dream turns into reality, I will schedule  two to three meeting. The first after booking to go over their vision for their wedding film, go over the venue, and possible timeline.  The second and/ or third will be to discuss any changes that could have been made and go over all notes from the previous meeting.

On their wedding day you can expect punctuality and a pleasant experience from our team.

The moment every is waiting for when the email from vowed on film pops up in your inbox, with the subject line “your wedding video is ready”.  

 Please for any questions about booking or if you like to proceed with having me as their videographer, I would love to talk about the couple and all things wedding.  I want to hear every detail, even the ones that may not matter because they all do to me. 

i’m always just a phone call away

We will respond promptly, and reply to any form of contact. 

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