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more than just a wedding film

Get the moving, breathing, loving art you’ve been dreaming of. Capture the most special day of your life, catalog the smiles of your loved ones and set your special love story in stone. Always look back and remind yourself of the love that existed on this monumental day.

all encompassing

Lets start by agreeing your video should include but not be limited to:

I. Capture the meaningful dialogue of your loved ones speeches, or even yours in those limited private wedding day moments between you and your spouse

II. Relive your day in sound and motion by seeing yourself in movie-like visuals

III. Look back and see what you missed when that chatty relative grabbed you in the bathroom hallway

IV. Have a shareable momento to give to those who couldn’t attend or didn’t make the guest list

V. Blackmail relatives with their awful version of the sprinkler dance move (Heh, heh)

“Alex’s video was gift from our sister and was the best gift we had received. He captured every special moment, so now we have something every year we can look back on during our anniversary and enjoy it.”

-Ben & Megan

based in florida,

But what if you’ve found your dream wedding venue, and it’s a little further from home than expected, like a destination wedding? I’m always down for those beautiful blue ridge mountain views or romantic city skylines.

more details

i. our first date

Let’s get to know each other! The first step is to schedule a no-commitment zoom meeting, see how we connect, and confirm what you're looking for.



ii. make it official 

 Let me know what package you’d like or let’s talk about a custom contract. Give me your autograph, pay your deposit, and let’s commit! 


iii. getting serious

Bring me into your world! Sort of like a test run - we’ll travel to places meaningful to you and film what I call a “story session” with you and your fiancé. This is a great way for you two to get comfortable in front of the camera and get a better feel for how I work before the big day.


iv. let's prep

Let’s Prep - Timelines are my best friend. We meet 6 months (rough draft), 3 months (polishing up) and one month (final timeline) to find out exactly what your day will look like. I'm also available anytime and can meet in-between or before these zoom calls.


v.. wedding day

Your work is over, I’m prepared. Time for an stress-free-fun best day ever! I’ll get there 30 minutes to an hour before and make sure everything goes according to plan. 


vi. the honeymoon

Honeymoon - Before you know it your teaser video/sneak peek will be in your inbox. While you adjust to being Mr. and Mrs. - I’ll be carefully and intentionally putting together your most special memories into your film!

Your Never Repeated Moving Art.

Capturing Your Story Is Important.

Every Moment. Every Memory.

I'm here for you every step of the way in every way. 

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