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find your edit

the “1st take” edit

For the laid back, off-the-cuff and unscripted rehearsal dinner sweetness with your closest friends and family.

the “i do” edit

An in-depth coverage of your wedding ceremony. From the procession, vows, rings, kiss & dance party back down the aisle.

the “break-it-down” edit

You guessed it, never again are you going to have permission to capture these dance moves. Play the wedding card, GET THE EDIT.

the “naked cake” edit

Raw. Wedding. Footage. A completely unedited video of the whole entire day. (Which may or may not include 2 minutes of me filming the ground because I forgot to stop recording...Sorry.)

the “fomo" edit 

Moments that you absolutely needed to see, captured by me and compiled into a 40+ minute video.

the “toasts” edit

Complete recordings of your loved one’s kind words (or hilarious jokes - the “toast” edits never miss!)

the “influencer” edit

Also known as the “teaser edit”, this is what your followers have been waiting for. 1-minute hype-trailer showcasing the top moments of your day.

the “whatever you want” edit

If you can dream it, I can do it. Ask me for additional coverage on any part of your day. I’m here to get those exclusive moments of your uniqueness, your family, and your wedding. 

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