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A vow is a promise, not some passing assurance. It’s not a “I’ll do good by you” or “I’ll treat you well.” A vow is so special because it lies in the specifics. 


At your wedding, you pledge to have and to hold each other. you guarantee to love each other in luxury, and you commit to love each other in poverty. You promise the intent to cherish each other every single day. 


So what vow can I make to you? I can promise to be there on time and to be a good videographer. But if you’re choosing me to document your vow, you should hear the specifics of mine. Let’s start with a little about me. 

Vowed On Film
Is My Promise To You

"We didn't want a video that looked like everyone else's. After seeing Alex's work we knew he would capture every detail, and make a truly personalized video. He brought a fun and peaceful energy to our wedding. He's kind, genuine, and someone we can call a good friend now"

-Taylor & Elizabeth Foster

hi, i'm alex. my specialties include...

comfort, jokes and a good time

With me, you aren’t just getting a videographer. You're getting the patience of a father, the enthusiasm for love of a husband who’s found his soulmate and the relatableness of someone who’s been on the other side of the camera before. 

Not sure if you want your wedding film to be fun and upbeat or dreamy and romantic? No worries, I’ll get shots for both.


You have a small freak out moment before you walk down the aisle? I got you, let’s start some breathing techniques.


You see that relative go for that fourth glass of wine? It’s already headlining the wedding video - (kidding…… maybe.) 


to capture you.

uniquely qualified 

The thought of a spotlight or camera lens absolutely terrified me as a child. But while I completely lacked the confidence I needed to move forward to my dream career, ambition filled the gaps.  The result? Me completely chucking the comfort zone out the window as I continued down the hazardous road (I-95 South) of acting. Arriving at the first stop of my professional career, Miami. Learning tools to leave that self-doubt behind allowed me to be a part of several shows and commercials in college, act in a telenovela for Telemundo, work as an insider in LA and Hollywood and understand cinematography inside and out.

I’m able to capture you because my training goes beyond my technical skills. I know how you feel, I see what goes on in your mind when your eyes glance at your reflection in that camera lens. It went through mine too. 

My greatest strength as a storyteller is creating an environment where my clients' personalities flourish. So whether you are comfortable in front of a camera or not, I am confident we can get through it. 

When I Say I Can Relate,
I Wish I Was Joking.

and last but not least…
this matters to me.

 I Truly Love My Life & Love What I Do. 

My faith eventually drew me away from the big on-screen stories and into a million little ones, yours included. My enthusiasm for you goes far beyond our session together. This is my passion and my calling in life, and I genuinely - TRULY care about you. 

My lovely wife, (Hi Dena @hairbydenamarie) pushed me to pursue my passion in the first place. And it just so happens that this line of work allows us to work as a team. When she isn't working alongside me as my second shooter, her salon Salt & Light Hair Co get's bride's ready for their big day! Ask about our packages and visit to see her work! 

My perfect children (proud #girldad) make me want to be better in everything I do. Their impact on my life shows me what’s important and what truly matters. Because of them, I’m motivated to give my all to every project I have and capture the story you deserve. 


The bottom line is when you choose me you get a hype man, a “for better or for worse” for the day, and a human version of a golden retriever rolled into one. I’m there for you 100%, and that means giving you all of my energy, passion and talent so you have a wedding video that gets you “in your feelings” every single time. 

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