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about Alex

A filmmaker more relatable than you think. Alex started his career in the film industry over 15 years ago. Working on sets in Miami Los Angeles in Hollywood filming commercials and shows. His passion shifted after meeting the love of his life, Dena. After their marriage he believed every love story should feel moving, inspiring and personal…. And that's when he began filming. Alex and his team ensure every couple story is filmed authentically and purposefully they film each wedding with ease so the bride and groom and each guests are relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. Down on film is committed to making couples feel every raw emotion and relive those anticipated moments.

“We didn't want video that looks like everyone else's. After seeing Alex's work we knew that he would capture every detail, and make a truly personalized video. He brought a fun and peaceful energy to our wedding. He's kind, genuine, and someone we can call a good friend now”

-Taylor &  Elizabeth Foster-


Distilling the joyous moments and the intimate ones to create a film that never misses any moment. I promise is to make each film intangible so as time goes on you can always remember the wedding just as it was. Every film is uniquely composed to let a couple's personality shine through.  We vow to give each couple the wedding film other dreams because they deserve nothing less. 


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Feel we're the perfect match?

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