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let’s make a toast

Your ceremony was romantic, your reception was amazing, you’re ready to start life together and ⁠— *cue sigh of relief* your wedding photos are exactly what you wanted. 

but your story isn’t over

You can rewatch your husband’s eyes tear up as he sees you for the first time. You can hear your aunt snort with laughter as your best man jokes about that embarrassing first date detail in his speech. You can relive those nervous and breathless I do’s. And you have evidence of the crowd hyping up granny as she gets down to Drake at your reception. 


Your wedding is more than captured seconds in time. You want a dynamic reminder that you can relive again and again. Not just of those beautiful stills, but of those unforgettable stories. 

featured film:


It’s as unique as you are, it’s a representation of your personality and it’s a celebration of your love. While the photos may leave you speechless, your wedding video will give you endless things to talk about. 


This film should make you feel like you just reached the ending credits of your favorite rom-com. Keeping a cinematic mindset when filming allows those special emotions to be captured. Leaving you with an intimate, dreamy, and fun visual story that you watch over and over again to say “this is my favorite part”. 

It’s not just a“Wedding Video”


photos capture beauty,

videos capture personality 


you want a wedding film,
but you’re Overwhelmed…

It’s okay to feel the pressure to get that shot you’ve always dreamed of, capture your best angle, or get that “Insta-worthy” content. But it’s easy to forget that the best way to get them is to relax and be yourself.

The night before your wedding, take all of that stress, bundle it up and gift it to me. When you wake up that morning your main goal is to relax, enjoy the best day of your life, grab a mimosa, and trust that your love speaks for itself. Spoiler alert: it always does.

 Your Mission: Sit Back & Grab a Mimosa 


"When we were wedding planning, we were going back and forth on whether to hire a videographer. Ultimately, we made the excellent decision of hiring Alex and his team to capture our special day, and we are so happy we did. Part of that decision was made because everyone told us that we would regret not having a wedding video, but Alex had a big part in encouraging us that it is the best way to share that memory for the rest of our lives. Alex had a really unique way of getting to know us and making us feel really comfortable on camera. He really put the effort into understanding our dynamic as a couple and also our vision for the wedding film. He added in personal touches, like video of behind the scenes selfies and sweet, silly moments that highlighted our personalities. Even though we are far from professional actors, we felt like celebrities on that day and that confidence is a product of working with Alex. It is evident in his work that film and making clients happy is his passion. You can also tell that he puts a lot of time into his own personal education to make all of his films are seamless. In our few years of following his work, we can see the passion and pride shining through and each video is better than the last. If you are considering hiring Alex to capture your milestone moment, I hope this testimonial helps you make that decision. Nothing can replace a beautiful film that you can share over and over again with each other, friends and family."

-Erica & Danny


if i’m capturing your vows, it’s only fair you hear mine

I’m passionate about my work, easy-going and pretty much your biggest fan for the day. I have an extensive background in cinematography with experience on either side of the camera. I know how you feel, and I’m here to help you relax and have a good time. But let’s talk specifics…


                - it’s more than a promise....

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